Project Name: St. Regis

Location: 555 N.E. 55th Street, Miami, FL 33137

Synopsis: Existing fire pressure relief valve and fire pump were piped back to supply side. Fire pump discharge water was recycled and heated up and overheated the motor which caused the motor to seize up.

Fire Watch Requirements
Any building containing a required Fire Protection system (fire alarm, sprinkler, fire pump, etc.) where the system is out of service for more than 4 hours and occupied; is required to establish a fire watch. One person shall be assigned to the fire watch, where this must be his/her only job duty during that time period and be provided with a least one method of contacting the Fire Department in an emergency. In addition the building owner is required to have an impairment coordinator. The out of service equipment must be tagged out of service tag. The out of service tag must be placed at the fire alarm panel and the fire department connection. (Reference 2009 International Fire Code Section 901.7)