Project Name: Fashion Mall

Location: Plantation, FL

Property Type: Mall Demolition

Synopsis: Upon demolition of mall a fire pump was required to serve connected Sheridan Suites Hotel

Fashion Mall Plantation Florida:
When a local mall was scheduled to be demolished it was discovered that the existing fire pump providing coverage was also the primary water source for the connected Sheridan Suites Hotel.  Demo of the existing pump would impair the water-based fire sprinkler system which was designed utilizing a fire pump to increase pressure to supply the required standpipe and sprinkler demand.

Faced with a critical fire watch situation for an extended period, was able to provide an immediate solution allowing for successful demolition of the mall while providing an adequate water supply the required pressure and flow to meet system demand.

Solution: Sprinklermatic has a complete UL-FM listed Fire Pump Room – on a trailer, and used for temporary solution to fire pump impairments lasting longer than 24 hours and requiring Fire Watch or loss of Occupancy.

Temporary Fire Pump: Diesel 2000 GPM @ 120 PSI – FP Controller (220 v) – Jockey Pump – JP Controller – test Header –Discharge –  Pressure relief valve (Dial in the required pressure) – Day Tank – Low Fuel Alarm.